Saturday, 21 January 2012

Time Machine - Hatsune Miku 「English Cover」

Music: 40mP

Lyrics: 164

✣V o c a l s : Lucy ( LucyHasYou ) 
✣M i x i n g & V i d e o : Iru
✣Song's Name: Time Machine ( タイムマシン )
✣Original Vocal: Hatsune Miku
English Lyrics: LucyHasYou

Uploaded May 27th 2011:

I look to the sky,
I'm wondering why,
These feelings for you,
Are making me blue.
You're passing the stage
An age where your heart breaks,
Another quake in the place of your rage.

The sudden goodbye,

I'm left here to die,

A calling of fear,

An end to the year,

Where every face,

A feeling I can't place,
As if they're crying 
And I wouldn't know,

I'm speaking but sound doesn't fall from my lips,
My gestures are blocked by an endless eclipse,
"Return to me" 
Signing the words like a scream.

We threw away the pain and laughter we were after,
Fading faster, falling anger,
Murmuring the sadness and the endless hate,
The music couldn't wait to blast them away.

I saw it in you, the warmth and the truth,
The present and past, we're making it last,
And just like the wind, you're winding me forwards,
We're racing by all the worries and fears.

Ahh, the scenery passes and leaves me behind,
The flowers of love, I swore I couldn't find,
The day and the night in their wondrous flight,

They slip away, just like the meaning of a teardrop,
Here I am, I'm trying to stop.
Like a time machine that whisks you to and fro,
I'm shook here by a love that's trying to grow.

They slip away, just like the meaning of a teardrop,
Here I am, I'm trying to stop.
Like a time machine that whisks you to and fro,
I'm shook here by a hopeless love,

I'll overflow with tears and never know the meaning,
Of a romance, or the feeling.
Time Machine please take me far away from here,
So I can never love or hold you my dear,

Eh Aa Sou え?あぁ、そう。 [English Dub]

Eh? Ah, Sou.

Music & Lyrics: papiyon(Choucho-P)
Movie: Kagemaru
Vocal: Hatsune Miku
English Lyrics: LucyHasYou
Uploaded Nov 27th 2010:

For all the sentimental reasons reeling,
It's only superficial feeling,
Bad shot, Cannot,
I'll laugh when I want it,
This chance you'll get, are you ready yet?

Although I sometimes think it, for fun I will dream it,
I never know the time to be so,
So happy, so snappy, you'll be friendly,
Till the time you throw me away,

Ah stabbing me through the heart,
It's like a nightmare,
Giving the chance to start,
It's like a lie now,
Swirling and whirling,
If this is love I, cannot wait to part,
And run away,

Hey, call my name, just as loud as you can,
I will adore so, more so, I really wanna scream,
Can't escape, No, no, not if you're in my lair,
Perhaps you'll grin, I'll win, you never saw me coming.

I do not hate it, want it, I bear it, I'm lying,
It's bitter sweet but it's making me nervous,
Really? I don't know how to take it
If I'm a whore, you'll tell me the truth.

I say I'm stupid, foolish, dim-witted,
Brainless, slow, dim, I face it, I break it, I'm useless
I make it by in life by trusting the ones, who tell me,
I'm worth the fight, 

Ah, fell from the skies above, could it be this love,
Purple to petal flight, like little raindrops 
Spinning, and dancing, you feeling dizzy?
Maybe we'll take a break, and run away?

Now show me baby, now don't you be scared,
Little touch, little kiss, feel a shiver down your spine,
Now, yes let's f*ck, till the morning is nigh,
I'll fascinate, you'll create, till we're both still flying high,

This feeling sweet or nice,
We'll make it once or twice,
So after all of the pitying noises cry,
We'll be alone to feel,
We'll know it's all unreal,
So, do you agree?
So do you believe?

Come on, you've called me for so many years,
What are complaints? No restraints? You've come here to play,
Hit, miss, so, so, are you ready or not?
Maybe you are? Or so far, are you scared to try?
Well from, your eyes, are you seeing me clear?
If it is time, give it mine, feel your fingers down my spine,
Are you hard or soft? Are you ready to 'cum'?
So if you are? Is it far? Are you waiting for me darling?
Ahh my darling,